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Governing Board

The Reactive Foundation Governing Board (GB) is responsible for marketing and other business oversight and budget decisions for the Reactive Foundation. The GB does not make technical decisions for the Reactive Foundation, other than working with the Technical Oversight Committee to set the overall scope for the Reactive Foundation. The GB currently consists of these representatives:


Michael Minella

VMware (Chair)

Michael Minella is an engineer, Java Champion, speaker, and author with over 19 years of enterprise development experience. He is a Director of Engineering on the Spring team, the project co-lead for Spring Batch, and founder of the Spring Cloud Task projects. Michael has spoken on topics that include Java and Spring and is a JavaOne Rockstar.


James Townley

Lightbend (TOC Chair)

James Townley serves as a Senior Product Manager at Lightbend and a development polyglot. He is an experienced Reactive Systems Architect, Project Manager, Agile coach, Leader, Trainer and Developer. He has a love of simple and tries to have that reflect in his work.

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