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About Reactive Foundation

Reactive Foundation is dedicated to being a catalyst for advancing a new landscape of technologies, standards, and vendors. We are committed to improving the developer experience of designing and building applications and systems based on Reactive Principles, patterns, and projects.

Our goal is to serve as a vendor-neutral home for the Reactive projects and initiatives that developers require for distributed system development and provide critical education to technologists and business leaders around the new principles necessary to take full advantage of the cloud. It’s here that Reactive leads the way.

Reactive Approach

Reactive is a proven approach to thinking, designing, building, and reasoning about software systems—in particular, distributed, highly concurrent, and data-intensive applications. Use cases include:

  • Real-time analytics

  • Internet of Things

  • Real-time decisions

  • Modern eCommerce

  • Real-time personalization

  • Real-time fraud detection

This approach provides the foundation for runtime behavior excellence, resource efficiency, and meeting business service level agreements for uptime, latency, scale, and throughput as described in the Reactive Manifesto.

Reactive Manifesto

Published in 2013 and now translated into 15 languages with endorsements by more than 28,000 technologists, the Reactive Manifesto set out key tenets for building systems that react to modern demands on application architecture at scale. The tenets of the Manifesto were not new. They originated in work by Jim Gray and Pat Helland on the Tandem System and Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding on Erlang. Only in the past decade have developers been forced to re-think best practices for application architecture in a world of mobile, multicore, cloud computing.

Reactive Principles

Published in 2020, The Reactive Principles provides guidance and techniques established among experienced Reactive practitioners for building individual services, applications, and whole systems. As a companion to the Reactive Manifesto, it incorporates the ideas, paradigms, methods, and patterns from both Reactive Programming and Reactive Systems into a set of practical principles that software architects and developers can apply in their transformative work.

Our purpose is to help businesses realize the efficiencies inherent to using Reactive. Our collective experience shows that these principles enable the design and implementation of highly concurrent and distributed software that is performant, scalable, and resilient, while at the same time conserving resources when deploying, operating, and maintaining it. Further application of Reactive principles will allow us as a society to depend on software for making our diverse and distributed civilization more robust.

Join Us

Membership in the Foundation provides a rare, ground floor opportunity to shape the industry direction and adoption of Reactive Principles, patterns, and projects. We invite you to join us.

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